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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Korkein oikeus

The Suprem Court is the highest Judicial Instance in Finland for civil and criminal cases. It's most important function is to establish judicial precedents in leading cases thus ensuring uniformity in the administration of justice by the lower courts. Decisions of courts of appeal and land courts, as well as certain decisions of the Insurance Court and Water Court of Appeal may be appealed against to the Supreme Court, provided that the Supreme Court grants leave to appeal. The Supreme Court consists of a President and 18 other judges, all appointed by the President of the Republic.

Supreme Court of Finland

Appellate Courts


The courts of appeal are the appelate courts of the of the district courts. In addition, courts of appeal decide, as the first instance, matters of treason and high treason, as well as certain offences in public office. Another task of the courts of appeal is to supervise the operations of the district courts in their jurisdiction on a general level.

Court of Appeal Helsinki
Court of Appeal Kouvola
Court of Appeal Kuopio
Court of Appeal Rovaniemi
Court of Appeal Turku
Court of Appeal Vaasa

First Instance Courts


The Finnish district courts deal with criminal cases, civil cases and petitionary matters in first instance. Since 1-1-2010 the district courts are restructured into 27 district courts corresponding to finland's county boundaries; court sessions will still be held in 75 localities. The purpose of the structural change is to offer district courts better opportunities for high quality operations and decrease of the amount of administrative works.

District courts
Central Finland District Court (Keski-Suomen käräjäoikeus) (VA)
Central Ostrobothnia District Court (Keski-Pohjanmaan käräjäoikeus) (VA)
Eastern Uusimaa District Court (Ita-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus) (HE)
Espoo District Court (Espoon käräjäoikeus) (HE)
Finland Proper District Court (Varsinais-suomen käräjäoikeus) (TU)
Helsinki District Court (Helsingin käräjäoikeus) (HI)
Hyvinkää District Court (Hyvinkään käräjäoikeus) (KO)
Kainuu District Court (Kainuun käräjäoikeus) (KU)
Kemi-Tornio District Court (Kemi-Tornion käräjäoikeus) (RO)
Kymenlaakso District Court (Kymenlaakson käräjäoikeus) (KO)
Lapland District Court (Lapin käräjäoikeus) (RO)
Northern Karelia District Court (Pohjois-Karjalan käräjäoikeus) (KU)
Northern Savo District Court (Pohjois-Savon käräjäoikeus) (KU)
Ostrobothnia District Court (Pohjanmaan käräjäoikeus) (VA)
Oulu District Court (Oulun käräjäoikeus) (RO)
Pirkanmaa District Court (Pirkanmaan käräjäoikeus) (TU)
Päijänne-Tavastia District Court (Päijät-Hämeen käräjäoikeus) (KO)
Satakunta District Court (Satakunnan käräjäoikeus) (VA)
Southern Karelia District Court (Etelä-Karjalan käräjäoikeus) (KO)
Southern Ostrobothnia District Court (Etelä-Pohjanmaan käräjäoikeus) (VA)
Southern Savo District Court (Etelä-Savon käräjäoikeus) (KU)
Tavastia Proper District Court (Kanta-Hämeen käräjäoikeus) (KO)
Tuusula District Court (Tuusulan käräjäoikeus) (HE)
Vantaa District Court (Vantaan käräjäoikeus) (HE)
Western Uusimaa District Court (Lansi-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus) (TU)
Ylivieska-Raahe District Court (Ylivieska-Raahen käräjäoikeus) (RO)
Åland District Court (Ålands tingsrätt) (TU)

Administrative Supreme Court

Korkein Hallinto-Oikeus

The Supreme Administrative Court is the court of last resort in administrative cases. Anyone who is dissatisfied with an administrative decision pertaining to his or her rights or obligations may challenge the lawfulness of the decision before an administrative court. The right of appeal in such cases is mainly covered by the provisions of the Administrative Judicial Procedure Act. The judges of the Supreme Administrative Court is composed of the President and twenty Justices. The Supreme Administrative Court has three chambers.

The Supreme Administrative Court

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

The Administrative Court is the court of first instance in administrative cases and will review decisions of authorities.

Administrative Court of Alland Islands
Administrative Court of Haamenlinna
Administrative Court of Helsinki
Administrative Court of Kouvola
Administrative Court of Kuopio
Administrative Court of Oulu
Administrative Court of Rovaniemi
Administrative Court of Turku
Administrative Court of Vaasa

Labor Courts

The Labour Court hears and tries the legal disputes arising out of collective agreements or collective civil servants' agreements or out of the Collective Agreements Act or the Act on Collective Civil-Servant Agreements

Labour Court

Other Courts

The High Court of Impeachment decides on criminal charges against a Minister, the Chancellor of Justice or a member of the Supreme Courts for an offence in office. The Insurance Court decides in certain matters of social insurance. (accident insurance, pensions etc.) The Market Court decides on market law cases, competition law and public procurement.

High Court of Impeachment
Market Court
The Criminal Sanctions Agency
The Insurance Court
Water Court of Appeal

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court
Finlex Finnish Case Law

Judiciary (general)

Finnish Prosecution service
Finnish courts

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