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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)


The Supreme Court is a court of appeal for judgments made by the Appellate courts or the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen. The court may determine whether the decisions of the executive are in accordance with the law, and whether statutes passed by the Folketing are consistent with the Constitution. Any matter brought before the Supreme Court must initially be considered by the Appeals Permission Board. An appeal may not be brought before the Supreme Court without the leave of the Appeals Permission Board. A case is usually heard by five judges. In important cases of principle, seven or more judges hear the case. The Supreme Court consists of a President and 18 other judges. One of the judges is the chairman of the Appeals Permission Board. The Supreme Court is the supreme court for Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Danish Supreme Court

Appellate Courts


The High Court functions both as a civil and criminal court of first instance and an civil and criminal appellate court for cases from the local courts. A County Court decision can always be appealed to a High Court. First instance civil cases may only be brought before the High Court if the disputed claim exceeds DKK 1.000.000. The Western High Court resides in Viborg and is composed of one President and 38 judges. The High Court of Eastern Denmark resides in Copenhagen. It is composed of one President and 63 judges. The Chambers of the Courts are lead by 3 judges each.

Vestre Landsret (Western High Court)
Østre Landsret (Eastern High Court)

First Instance Courts

The district court is the first instance court for matters relating to criminal and civil cases. Since the Danish court reform of January 1st 2007, the number of district courts is reduced from 82 to 24. Civil cases in district courts may be tried by a panel of judges or by a judge assisted by experts.

Københavns Byret
Retten i Aalborg
Retten i Esbjerg
Retten i Glostrup
Retten i Helsingør
Retten i Herning
Retten i Hillerød
Retten i Hjørring
Retten i Holbæk
Retten i Holstebro
Retten i Horsens
Retten i Kolding
Retten i Lyngbys
Retten i Nykøbing
Retten i Næstved
Retten i Odense
Retten i Randers
Retten i Roskilde
Retten i Svendborg
Retten i Sønderborg
Retten i Viborg
Retten i Århus
Retten på Bornholm
Retten på Frederiksberg

Other Courts

Land Registration Court
Special Court of Indictment and Revision (Den særlige Klageret)
Sø- og Handelsretten (Maritime and Commercial Court Copenhagen)
The Court of the Faroe Islands
The courts of Greenland

Judiciary (general)

Danmarks domstoles adresser
Domstolsstyrelsen (National Court Administration)

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