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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial instance in Cyprus. It is composed of thirteen judges including the President. The Supreme Court has appellate and constitutional jurisdiction. In a panel of three judges the court hears appeals of the lower courts. The court examines the constitutionality of any law.

Supreme Court

First Instance Courts

The District Courts have jurisdiction to hear and determine at first instance all civil actions, with the exception of matters that fall within the jurisdiction of the Rent Control Tribunal, the Industrial Disputes Tribunal and the Family Court.

District Courts
Assize Courts
District Court Farnagusta
District Court Kyrenia
District Court Larnaca
District Court Limassol
District Court Nicosia
District Court Paphos
Family Court Nicosia

Other Courts

Family Court Lanarca
Family Court Limassol
Industrial Dispute Tribunals
Military Court
Rent Control Tribunals

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Recent Judgments
Supreme Court Caselaw

Judiciary (general)

The Supreme Council of Judicature

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