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Constitutional Court

Ustavni Sud

The Constitutional Court is the guardian of the constitution and an institutional safeguard for the protection of human rights
The position of the Constitutional Court is provided for in Article VI of the Constitution which defines its jurisdiction, its organizational structure and its procedure.
The Constitutional Court is composed of nine members. Six judges are selected by the respective assemblies or parliaments of the Entities and the remaining three judges are appointed by the President of the European Court of Human Rights after consultation with the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Constitutional Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Constitutional Court of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

(Art 1 Law on Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000 )
In order to ensure the effective exercise of the competencies of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the respect of human rights and the rule of law in the territory of this State, a Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is established.

1. The Court has jurisdiction over criminal offences defined in the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2. The Court has further jurisdiction over criminal offences prescribed in the Laws of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska and the Brcko Disctrict of Bosnia and Herzegovina when such criminal offences:
a) endanger the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence, national security or international personality of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
b) may have serious repercussions or detrimental consequences to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina or may have other detrimental consequences to Bosnia and Herzegovina or may cause serious economic damage or other detrimental consequences beyond the territory of an Entity or the Brcko Disctric of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(Law on Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000 article 13 )
The Court is competent to decide actions taken against final administrative acts or silence of administration of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its bodies, Public Agencies, Public Corporations, institutions of the Brcko District and any other organisation as provided by State Law, acting in the exercise of a public function.
(Law on Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000 article 14 )

Appelate Jurisdiction:
a) appeals against a judgement or decision delivered by the Criminal Division of this Court,
b) appeals against a judgement or decision delivered by the Administrative Division of this Court,;
c) extraordinary legal remedies against final judgments reached by the divisions of th

Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Supreme Court

Regional courts

Kantonalni Sud

Cantonal Court Bihac
Cantonal Court Gorazde
Cantonal Court Livno
Cantonal Court Mostar
Cantonal Court Novi Travnik
Cantonal Court Odzak
Cantonal Court Sarajevo
Cantonal Court Tuzla
Cantonal Court Zenica
Cantonal Court Široki Brijeg
Court of Appeal Brcko Distrikta
Okružni sud u Doboju

First Instance Courts

Municipal Court Bihac (Bihac)
Municipal Court Bosanska Krupa (Bihac)
Municipal Court Brcko Distrikta
Municipal Court Bugojno (Novi Travnik)
Municipal Court Capljina (Mostar)
Municipal Court Cazin (Bihac)
Municipal Court Gorazde (Gorazde)
Municipal Court Gracanica (Tuzla)
Municipal Court Gradacac (Tuzla)
Municipal Court Kakanj (Zenica)
Municipal Court Kalesija (Tuzla)
Municipal Court Kiseljak (Novi Travnik)
Municipal Court Konjic (Mostar)
Municipal Court Livno (Livno)
Municipal Court Ljubuski (Široki Brijeg)
Municipal Court Mostar (Mostar)
Municipal Court Orasje (Odzak)
Municipal Court Sanski Most (Bihac)
Municipal Court Sarajevo (Sarajevo)
Municipal Court Tesanj (Zenica)
Municipal Court Travnik (Novi Travnik)
Municipal Court Tuzla (Tuzla)
Municipal Court Velika Kladusa (Bihac)
Municipal Court Visoko (Zenica)
Municipal Court Zavidovicima (Zenica)
Municipal Court Zenica (Zenica)
Municipal Court Zepce (Zenica)
Municipal Court Široki Brijeg (Široki Brijeg)
Municipal Court Živinice (Tuzla)

Court of Audit

Audit Office

Other Courts

High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Constitutional Court

Judiciary (general)

The Prosecutor's Office
The Prosecutor’s Office of Bihac
The Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo
The Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla
The Prosecutor’s Office of the BiH Brcko District

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