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Constitutional Court

Gjykata Kushtetuese

The Constitutional Court reviews the constitutionality of laws and normative acts or international agreements. The Court consists of nine judges , appointed by the President of the Republic with consent of the Parliament for a nine year period and can not be reappointed. The Constitutional Court cannot be appealed and are obligatory to be implemented.

Constitutional Court

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Gjykata e Larte

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial instance in Albania. The court functions as appellate court for the lower courts and has exclusive jurisdiction in serious offence cases as indicated by the President of the Supreme Court. The Court consists of two chambers, a penal and a civil. The 15 Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the People's Assembly for a nine year period.

Supreme Court of Albania

Appellate Courts

Gjykata e Apelit

The 6 Zonal courts are the appellate courts and first instance courts in certain important cases as decided by the Supreme Court. The Judges are elected by the councils of the district making part of the zone, for a period of three year.

Appelate Court for Serious Crimes
Appelate Military Court
Court of appeal Durres
Court of appeal Gjirokaster
Court of appeal Korce
Court of appeal Shkoder
Court of appeal Tirana
Court of appeal Vlore

First Instance Courts

Glikata a Rrethit

The distict courts of albania are the courts of first instance for almost all criminal and civil cases. The court is lead by one judge, elected by the citizens of the district, and assisted by lay assessors.

District Court Berat (CA Vlore)
District Court Bulqize (CA Tirana)
District Court Delvine (CA Gjirokaster)
District Court Diber (CA Tirana)
District Court Durres (CA Durres)
District Court Elbasan (CA Durres)
District Court Fier (CA Vlore)
District Court Gjirokaster (CA Gjirokaster)
District Court Gramsh (CA Durres)
District Court Has (CA Shkoder)
District Court Kavaje (CA Durres)
District Court Kolonje (CA Korce)
District Court Korce (CA Korce)
District Court Kruje (CA Tirana)
District Court Kucove (CA Durres)
District Court Kukes (CA Shkoder)
District Court Lac (CA Tirana)
District Court Lezhe (CA Shkoder)
District Court Librazhd (CA Durres)
District Court Lushnje (CA Vlore)
District Court Mallakaster (CA Vlore)
District Court Malsi e Madhe (CA Shkoder)
District Court Mat (CA Tirana)
District Court Mirdite (CA Tirana)
District Court Peqin (CA Tirana)
District Court Permet (CA Gjirokaster)
District Court Pogradec (CA Korce)
District Court Puke (CA Shkoder)
District Court Sarande (CA Gjirokaster)
District Court Shkoder (CA Shkoder)
District Court Skrapar (CA Vlore)
District Court Tepelene (CA Gjirokaster)
District Court Tirana (CA Tirana)
District Court Tropoje (CA Shkoder)
District Court Vlore (CA Vlore)
First Instance Court for Serious Crimes Renda (Tirana)

Court of Audit

State Supreme Audit Control

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Constitutional Court

Judiciary (general)

Analysis of Criminal Appellate Proceedings in Albania
Analysis of the Criminal Justice System in Albania
High Council of Justice
People's Advocate
Prosecutor's Office
Sistemi i Glyqesor i Shqiperise

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