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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Court of Appeal is the highest judicial instance and final court of appeal in Tanzania. The court consistst of a Chief Justice and 5 other judges.

Court of Appeal

Appellate Courts

The High Court is the appelate court for the magistrates courts and has unlimited jurisdiction. The court consists of 37 judges ruling in 11 zones. As Tanzania is a federal state composed of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, two high courts exist , one in zanzibar and one in tanganyika.

High Court Tanganyika
High Court Zanzibar

First Instance Courts

The District Courts are the Courts of first instancs headed by a magistrate. Currently there are 206 district courts in tanzania.

Chief Magistrates Courts
Kadhi's Appeal Court

Minor Courts Justices of the Peace

Kadhi's Courts
Primary Courts

Other Courts

Fair Competition Tribunals
High Court of Tanzania Commercial Division
National electoral Commission
Public Procurement Appeals Board
Tax Appeals Tribunals

Judiciary (general)

Attorney General Chamber Zanzibar

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