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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court interprets, upon request, the Constitution and undertakes the review of constitutionality of the Parliament's laws and decisions, the decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova and the acts of the Government. The Court is composed of 6 judges, appointed for a 6-year term. Individual citizens have no right to petition the Constitutional Court and the Constitutional Court may not examine cases of its own motion either. However, individual citizens have access to the Constitutional Court through the Supreme Court of Justice in case of rising by the latter of the plea of unconstitutionality established during the trial. They may also refer the Court through an ombudsman and other subjects entitled to address the Constitutional Court.

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Cortea Suprema de Justitiei

The Supreme Court of Justice is the highest authority of the judiciary. It is meant to secure the correct and uniform implementation of the legislation by all courts, to settle disputes related to the application of the law, to guarantee the responsibility of the state before the citizen and of the citizen before the state.

Supreme Court of Justice

Appellate Courts

Curtea de Apel

The Court of Appeal in Chisinau has own jurisdiction in cases appointed by law and is appellate court for decisions in first instance of tribunals and specialized courts.The Court solves jurisdictional conflicts between the tribunals.

Court of Appeal Balti
Court of Appeal Bender
Court of Appeal Cahul
Court of Appeal Chisinau
Court of Appeal Comrat

First Instance Courts


The district courts are the courts of first instance and handle most cases.

District Courts
Judecatoria Anenii-Noi (Be)
Judecatoria Balti (Ba)
Judecatoria Basarabeasca (Ch)
Judecatoria Bender (Be)
Judecatoria Botanica, municipiul Chisinau (Ch)
Judecatoria Briceni (Ba)
Judecatoria Buiucani, municipiul Chisinau (Ch)
Judecatoria Cahul (Ca)
Judecatoria Calarasi (Ch)
Judecatoria Cantemir (Ca)
Judecatoria Causeni (Be)
Judecatoria Ceadīr–Lunga (Co)
Judecatoria Centru, municipiul Chisinau (Ch)
Judecatoria Cimislia (Ch)
Judecatoria Ciocana, municipiul Chisinau (Ch)
Judecatoria Comrat (Co)
Judecatoria Criuleni (Ch)
Judecatoria Donduseni (Ba)
Judecatoria Drochia (Ba)
Judecatoria Dubasari (Be)
Judecatoria Edinet (Ba)
Judecatoria Falesti (Ba)
Judecatoria Floresti (Ba)
Judecatoria Glodeni (Ba)
Judecatoria Grigoriopol (Be)
Judecatoria Hīncesti (Ch)
Judecatoria Ialoveni (Ch)
Judecatoria Leova (Ca)
Judecatoria Nisporeni (Ch)
Judecatoria Ocnita (Ba)
Judecatoria Orhei (Ch)
Judecatoria Rezina (Ch)
Judecatoria Rībnita (Be)
Judecatoria Rīscani (Ba)
Judecatoria Rīscani, municipiul Chisinau (Ch)
Judecatoria Soldanesti (Ba)
Judecatoria Soroca (Ba)
Judecatoria Stefan-Voda (Be)
Judecatoria Straseni (Ch)
Judecatoria Sīngerei (Ba)
Judecatoria Taraclia (Ca)
Judecatoria Telenesti (Ba)
Judecatoria Tiraspol (Be)
Judecatoria Ungheni (Ba)
Judecatoria Vulcanesti (Co)

Administrative Appellate Court

Economic Court of Appeal Chisinau

Other Courts

Economic Court Chisinau
Military Court Chisinau

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Database of the Balti Appeal Court Decisions
Database of the Bender Appeal Court Decisions
Database of the Cahul Appeal Court Decisions
Database of the Chisinau Appeal Court Decisions
Database of the Comrat Appeal Court Decisions
Database of the Supreme Court Decisions

Judiciary (general)

Procuratura Generala a Republicii Moldova

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